The Sparklist is for teachers, parents and students. Whether you want to add real world context to a lesson, help students practice Minds-On thinking or just have great dinner conversation, we can point you in the right direction. 


Start by taking a look at the Sparks in your subject area. Each Spark includes our take on why we think it is great and then gives you few good examples of the best Sparks that resource has to offer. If you like what you see you can click on VISIT SITE to go directly to that resource and search for offerings that overlap whatever content you are teaching at the moment.  A well curated video, a virtual guest lecturer or a lesson where kids can work together on a real world problem can make all the difference in the classroom. We have done much of the legwork so you can find the good stuff fast. Start by utilizing one Spark a week in the classroom and watch what happens!


Parents play an important role in helping kids develop the ability to think beyond memorization. Try picking one night a week to explore a Spark at the dinner table and you will gain invaluable understanding not only about what your kid knows, but how they think.  Kids model what they see, by  setting aside time at the dinner table to talk about problems that impact the world, by thinking deeply and asking good questions you are showing your kids what you value.


Looking for something awesome to do afterschool? Check out our handpicked list of afterschool activities for your brain. And, whether you are a student who loves a topic you are studying at school and wants to dig deeper or a student who is having trouble connecting with the content and making sense of it, the Sparklist can help you. Think molecules and atoms are boring? Watch a few Periodic videos and you might change your mind. Wonder how physics really relates to the world? Check out the Engineering of Sports videos. Want to learn to use Math to answer questions you have about the world? Talk to your teacher about doing a Mathalicious lesson in class.

Everyone can benefit from our Weekly Spark , which highlights a single spark and includes and a well posed prompt that can jumpstart your inquiry! They are fun and short and can be used in the classroom or at the dinner table. Weekly Sparks are the easiest way to get your feet wet. Register on the site to get the Weekly Spark.

At The Sparklist , we curate compelling Minds-On sparks that are user friendly for teachers, parents and students. So, what are you waiting for? Get Sparked!