Minds-On thinking is best defined as learning beyond memorization.  WIth the invention of Google and smartphones, information can now be looked up faster than it can be recalled, making memorization a low value skill. Sadly a good part of the school day in most places is still spent drilling memorized bits to prepare kids for high stakes testing.  The Sparklist wants to help change that.  Let's spend a little less time training students to be second rate smartphones and a lot more time helping them gain and practice skills that will make them informed global citizens and successful participants in the global economy. Let's turn Minds-On!

The Sparklist was created to curate materials that help spur Minds-On thinking. We help you find the good stuff fast. Whether you are a teacher looking to work Minds-On thinking into your classroom or a parent who wants to bring Minds-On exposure to the dinner table, we have a Spark for you.