Parent Resources

When Success Leads to Failure
Why I'll Never Tell My Kid He is Smart, by Sal Kahn
Why Grit and Not IQ Predicts Success
How Children Succeed, by Paul Tough
Character qualities like perseverance, self control and curiosity may matter more than intelligence when it comes to lifelong success.
Innovative Teaching and Learning: Lessons from High Tech High
High Tech High: Integrating Head and Hand
More Than Child's Play: Ability to Think Scientifically Declines as Kids Grow Up
The Global Achievement Gap
How Even Our Best Schools Fall Short of Preparing Students for Citizenship and the Global Economy.
Prepare our kids for life, not standardized tests
How to Fix Our Math Education
New York Times Op-Ed
The Steve Jobs Model for Education Reform, by Rupert Murdoch
Do Schools Kill Creativity?
The Bad Habits You Learn in School
Challenge Success
Aligning Parent Values for Youth Well Being
Overloaded and Underprepared, by Denise Pope
Does overscheduling leave our kids unprepared for productive lives?
Today's Exhausted Superkids
How to Measure a College's Value
What you get out of college depends wholly on what you put into it.