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Videos for the Hyper-Curious!


VSauce makes videos about the "weird and the wonderful" world. They do the world a big favor by making videos that contextualize and connect knowledge so that it makes sense in a larger picture. Most videos are driven by an interesting question: What would happen if the whole world jumped at the same time? What if the world stopped moving? Beyond that the host is someone who looks like they are excited about what they are talking about. This is a great place to look for companion videos that tie to classroom content or to watch a video as a family to spark some good dinner convo. Vsauce is one of those places where you learn without realizing your learning. Good stuff.


The trick with Vsauce is finding a video that connects with teaching content. You can access the videos via the site or Youtube. Youtube has the advantage of allowing you to search for "vsauce biology" or "vsauce math" which helps narrow down videos for teachers. If you are looking to spark dinner conversation, you can simply filter content by the most viewed and start there to ensure lively table chatter. There are now 3 Vsauce channels, each run by a different host, with a slightly different focus. I still like the original host, Michael Stevens, who hosts Vsauce 1.


How big can a person get? :

What if the earth stopped spinning?:

What is the rarest precious metal?:


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