Reading Like A Historian
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Engaging Kids in Historical Inquiry!


Was Lincoln a Racist? Whose fault was the Dustbowl? Ask kids questions like this, give them primary source documents and teach them how to draw well reasoned conclusions and their interest in history grows! Reading Like a Historian is set of lessons created at Stanford to supplement any American or World History curriculum. The lessons help reinforce facts, but go deeper by teaching that history is an interpretation based on sourcing, context and corroboration of historical documents. Each RLH lesson starts with a thought provoking question and links to a vetted set of primary source documents that students learn to analyze to draw conclusions. Many lessons allow students to work in groups. Lessons plans are straightforward, streamlined, debugged, fascinating and so well organized that they require minimal teacher preparation. Currently there are 75 American History lessons, 37 World History lessons and 5 Intro to Historical Thinking lessons. Wow!


Hits the nail on the head for 21st century skill building in a format that is practical for teachers. You don't have to change your curriculum, just browse lessons on the RLH site and find one that is in sweet spot of exactly where you are in your curriculum. Further, with the big push in the Common Core to expose students to primary source documents Reading Like a Historian has done an immense amount of legwork for history teachers.


Was Abe Lincoln a Racist?:

Was Social Security a Revolutionary Program or Designed to Appease those who wanted more profound change?:

Reading Like A Historian:


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