The Science of the Summer Olympics
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Engineering in Sports!


Trying to make engineering feel real world for your students? Check out these ten 5-minute videos that link summer olympics with engineering principles. For example, there is video about the biomechanics of Usain Bolt and why his unusual combination of fast acceleration and sustained speed have made him a 100m dash record breaker. Or learn about thrust and drag bywathching Olympic superstar swimmer Missy Franklin. Fascinating stuff that brings principles of physics to life. Almost every video also has a lesson plan for Grade 6-12; these lessons are highly aligned with Next Generation Standards.


These videos work equally well in the classroom or at the dinner table and generate great conversation with or without the lesson plans. The only way to access the videos and lessons are through the NBC Learns site. Lessons are highly aligned with Next Generation standards and most offer the option of open or focused inquiry excerises for use in the classroom.


Subjects :ScienceEngineeringGrades :789101112Course Standard :Next Generation Science

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