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The World is an Interesting Place. Math Class Should Be Too.


Mathalicious helps kids use math to understand the world. Their 30+ middle school and 50+ high school math lessons use math to answer problems kids care about and link directly to common core standards. A standard lesson format including appropriate media/visuals, a student handout and a teacher guide makes it simple for teachers to get up to speed fast and use these in a classroom setting. For example: their lesson Net Points asks students to consider whether LeBraun James or Tyson Chandler is reallly the best scorer in the NBA. Should you include both points made and points misses? Their lesson Pair-alysis has kids calculate how many color combinations are possible in the highly customizable Nike Free Running Shoe. Well done lessons that help kids love math and discover its connections in the world.


Mathalicious has a "pay what you can" program, that starts as low as $10/month for teachers whose districts have not bought licenses for the program. They do have at least six complete sample lessons available for free on their site as well. I think Mathalicious is worth the cost. Most lessons take 2 class periods to complete. The uniform structure of lessons with Plan, Teach and Reflect tabs allows teachers to bring Minds-On Math into the classroom with minimal prep time. Lessons can supplement any Math curriculum and searching the database is straightforward.


Net Points: Whose the Better Scorer?:

Three Shots: Should you ever Foul at the Buzzer?:

What if McDonalds Rewrote its menu in terms of Exercise? :


Subjects :MathGrades :56789101112Course Standard :Core Curriculum

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