Rube Goldberg Machine Contest
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Encouraging Teamwork and Out of the Box Problem Solving


The Rube Goldberg Machine Contest challenges student teams to make a complicated, multiprocess machine to accomplish a simple task. Past tasks have included: Zip a Zipper, Erase a Chalkboard or Open an Umbrella. Simple, right? Wrong! In order to score points, groups must create a machine that not only accomplishes the task mechanically, but also incorporates humor, whimsy and creativity through the use of household items, recycled goods and unusual mechanizations. These contraptions are based on the early drawings of Rube Goldberg, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist. Some say that "the problem solvers or tomorrow are the Rube Goldberg designers of today". This exciting competition maximizes STEAM and STEM learning and it fully Minds-On.


This is a time intensive after school commitment. There are three divisions: Middle School, High School and College. Team registrations start early September, teams work on their machine September through November and competitions run December through April. Students can choose to enter the live competition where they actually travel with their machine to compete or an on-line competition.


Rube Goldberg College Nationals:


Subjects :After SchoolEngineeringGrades :789101112

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