Think, Thank,Thunk
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An blogful of ideas for the out of the box physics or calculus teachers. What a world we would have if every classroom looked like this.


Shawn Cornally is the teacher you wish your kid had. He now runs Iowa Big, a competency based school, but was previously a high school physics and calculus teacher. His blog Think, Thank, Thunk provides tremendous inspiration for out of the box classroom lessons in physics and calculus. A word of caution, his experiments and discussions are sophisticated, this is for teachers who are at the top of their game and have a true desire to make the classroom feel like a place where real inquiry and learning happens.


Most of what Shawn if probably beyond what most high school teachers are looking for- too much on the fly teaching and a far cry from the pedagogy taught in ed school. I'd love to see some subsection of interesting lessons that are paired down a tad and have some handholding for teachers who want to get their feet wet. Also, his physics and calculus postings on his blog are not in traditional "lesson" format - some give a complete recount of what he did in the class and others are just ideas to get you going.


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