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Maps that Move! Bringing the Historical Patterns of United States Development Alive through Animated Maps.


The Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond has given a gift to American History teachers. By using new animation and layering technologies they have digitized and animated a slew of American History maps allowing them to reveal patterns that are hard to grasp on static maps. There are 8 main digital mapping projects, the most relevant for high school teachers are the Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States, the Hidden Patterns of the Civil War and Voting America. These maps go beyond traditional map based exercises by making the actions and movement of people, crops, weather, trade, war and voting come alive. Inferring what these patterns are and mean is a Minds-On way to examine history.


The maps are a useful addition to the classroom, but there are not lessons built around each map. It makes the most sense for teachers to a search for a map that adds texture to concepts they are working on in class.


Digital Scholarship Lab:

Atlas of Historical Geography of the United States:

Voting America:

Hidden Patterns of the Civil War:


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