Week of Inspirational Math
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Fun Classroom Math Challenges with a Growth Mindset


The Week of Inspirational Math consists of 5 beautiful, open, collaborative math tasks designed for the classroom to help convince students that everyone can get good at math. These are low floor/high ceiling group math activities that stretch math students along the full spectrum. It's the perfect start to any math class grades 3-9 because it sets the tone for math exploration and learning over the year. Each lesson can be completed in a single classroom. By helping your students approach math with a "growth mind set" they get more excited about math, try harder, embrace mistakes as part of the learning process and persist to get better at math.


Jo Boaler started a non for profit called YouCubed out of Stanford with the goals of making current research on how students best learn math available to teachers in an accessible and practical way. By connecting math to the world, showing kids that their brain grows as they practice math and valuing deep thinking over speed in math, she is working to counter the clear decreased math interest in the United States. Youcubed has additional math offerings, posters for the classroom and videos about growth mindset on their site. You will need to register (it's free) to access math materials. For the Week of Inspirational Math, each of the five lessons include a short video where Jo talks to kids about math and then a clear, simple lesson plan for the teachers. Minimum prep time is required for these lessons because they are fully booted up.


How to Learn Math:

Day 1: Four 4s: https://www.youcubed.org/wp-content/wim/day1/WIMday1gr5-9vF.pdf


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