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Virtual Fieldtrip to the Pyramids Anyone?


Studying Egypt? Wish you had the funds to take your class on a trip there? Well, the Giza 3-D simulation can get you pretty close. Dassault Systems has partnered with the Museum of Science Boston and Harvard to make a 3-D reconstruction of the Giza pyraminds based on the digitized records of the Reisner expedition that happened between 1905-1942. A tremendous amount of data has been amassed to make this virtual trip possible and it feels like you are there. Multiple monuments can be explored including the Khufu pyramid (discover how scientists think it was built). This is a great tool to bring Giza and Egypt alive for students and it allows them to conduct real time research as if they were on site. The 3-D functionality makes all the difference, you can actually see what was in the tombs with your own eyes, gauge the distance between different monuments, see the color and texture of the hieroglyphs- it feels like you are there.


There's no step by step instructions for teachers on how to use this tool, but the possibilities are endless. Peter Manuellian, the director of the project suggests asking teams of students to go to the site and to research questions like: How was the Great Pyramid Built, How was the pyramidion played, Who built the Sphinx. By sleuthing through the pyramids students can build knowledge instead of having it fed to them. Peter also highly recommends the book "Think Like an Egyptian" available on Amazon, if you are covering this topic in class.


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