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What's a recreational mathemusician? Trippy math videos that make you wonder!


Who else can get 5 million people to view a video about hexaflexagons or 1.5 million views on the Fibonacci sequence? Vi Hart is a really brilliant mathematician who trained as a musician and has created a series of 5 minute math doodling videos that defy description. Her videos bring out the beauty and complexity of math in a way most kids just do not get to see. Her videos are doodles, math problems, history lessons and minds on thinking rolled up into one with a liberal dose of disdain for traditional math teaching peppered throughout. She is a one woman math machine and once she tapes her videos, she speeds them up so that they run only about 5 minutes. Her full video collection is best viewed through her Youtube channel.


It's hard for most teachers to know what to do with Vi's trippy math videos- they run way too fast to be fully comprehendable and they don't all easily tag to classroom work. Still they can be a very fun addition to the classroom or dinner table- they promote conversation, celebrate nerdy cool math geeks and connect math concepts to the big wide world. Your best bet is to scroll through her videos and find a few that relate to topics you teach in the classroom and add these to your classroom routine to shake things up and make your students smile when they think about math. Vi, please please consider designing a minds on classroom thought experiment that could reinforce each video and slow them down, just a tad.


Infinity Elephants- The Sum of Infinite Series:

Pythagorean Theorem:


Fibonacci Sequence:


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