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Math Problems that Take More than 10 Seconds to Solve!


The University of Cambridge developed a database of "rich" math problems for students from 1-12th grade. Many lend themselves well to group work and discovery and all require some noodling. Nothing fancy in terms of graphics or presentation, but a great way to exercise deeper conceptual math skills in younger or older students. There are a few problems each day that are LIVE. That means they are inviting students and classrooms to submit their solutions and explanations to the exercise.


When you enter the site, you click on your "house" depending on whether you are a teacher or a student and the grade level. Since NRICH is based in England, the grade levels are slightly different, but if you hover over each house you can see the American grade range it is appropriate for. Solutions can be difficult to find, but can be accessed by clicking on SOLUTION in the in the box on the top left corner of each exercise.


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