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A Daily Newspaper App that Brings World News to Kids Grades K-5.


News-O-Matic is the brain child of a mom who wanted her kids to be informed daily readers. When she couldn't find a kids newspaper that brought timely news to kids in a format that kept them waiting for the next issue, she created News-O-Matic. News-O-Matic is an online daily newspaper (Monday-Friday) that runs 5 kid-friendly stories each day. Each story is a fully teed-up multimedia experience kids love. Articles routinely include a map so kids can see where in the world the story is happening, a read to me option (for kids who aren't quite independent readers yet) and a good dose of colorful pictures and videos. Stories range from world news, to sports, to science to wacky stories. Kids can submit art about stories and write directly to the editor so their writing becomes part of the newspaper. This app makes voracious readers out of kids that claimed they hate reading. For teachers trying to bring more non-fiction reading to the classroom or parents who want to stoke a love of reading, raised informed kids and stimulate great dinner conversation, New-O-Matic is an incredible tool. Know too that each article is reviewed by an on staff Child Psychologist so that the news is appropriate for children. Lastly, News-o- matic is ad-free; amazing in this day and age. Don't be surprised when your kid has an opinion about the same story you just read in the New York Times!


The app can be downloaded onto ipads and iphones from the Press 4 Kids site. There is a free trial period and then an unlimited subscription for $20. This is money well spent on a first rate, ad-free kids news app.




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