The Science Of Innovation
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Videos and lesson plans that teach kids about Innovation.


Innovation should be taught early and often! This 11-video series does a great job connecting innovation, engineering and the the real world. They exposes kids to cool new technologies, the people who created them and explain how patents allow scientists to protect their creation, while at the same time allowing others to build on it. Each short video (5-10 minutes) contains full lesson plans. Just click on the tab on the right side of the video to access exploratory lesson plans for grades 6-12 that link to standards. We want kids think of themselves as innovators and problem solvers; these videos help prime young minds for Minds-On thinking.


These videos work equally well in the classroom or at the dinner table and generate great conversation with or without the lesson plans. The best way to access the videos and lessons are through the NBC Learns site. They are also housed on Youtube, but harder to find and do not include lesson plans. Each video has two lessons, one from a science perspective and one with an engineering focus- you pick!


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