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Minds-On Math that Strikes the Curiosity Bone!


Dan Meyer is a former high school math teacher now working on his PhD in Math Education at Stanford. He is committed to helping teachers make math interesting for kids by tying math to the real world. His site, 101 questions, is a database of interesting images and videos that beg for math questions. For the creative math teacher it can be fun to offer up question ideas or look at questions other teachers have tagged to photos, but I think the most useful features are the 3-Act Math lessons Dan has built around limited number of these images. They follow a standard format: Act 1, uses a visual image or video as a hook which as Dan puts it "strikes students in the curiosity bone". Act 2 involves the class figuring out what information they need to solve the problem. Act 3 is the process of solving the problem and discussing it. Dan feels strongly that Act 2 is a critical, but often missed, step in helping kids see themselves as mathematicians. In the real world, you need to figure out what you need to know; it's not all lined up for you. To access the 3-Act problems, search for "3 Act math" and you will find 10 problems already built out. The site tries to get people to create new questions for each hook image or video, but if you just push the "Skip, I am Bored" button and the "No thanks" to the register request, it will bypass you to the 3-Act math problem. The problems are Minds-On, pique student interest and have a standard format that requires minimal teacher preparation. That is a winning equation that can be used in the classroom to move students to more of an inquiry based math model.


Dan desperately needs to re-work his 101 questions site so that lessons can be found more easily. Until then follow my instructions above and it's workable.


How many chocolate chips did it take to make this batch of cookies?: http://www.101qs.com/3126-chocolate-chip-cookie-problem

Who will get to the taco cart first?: http://www.101qs.com/1459-taco-cart

Real World Math:


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