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Boom-Pop Chemistry Videos and Real World Connections!


Find Chemistry boring? These videos might change your mind. It’s a lot of fun to watch the eccentric Professor Pollack (with his uncanny Einstein likeness) and his Chemistry team geek out with cool boom-pop experiments and explore fascinating real world connections of each element. The group started by making one video for each element of the periodic table, but their expanded travel series explores the chemistry behind coca-cola, sunscreen, poison dart frogs and volcanos showing kids that chemistry is awesome and everywhere. Teachers can easily find videos that add depth to elements they are studying and parents can watch a short video with kids just before dinner to escape the regular ho-hum dinner conversation. The beauty of these videos is that they appeal both to chem geeks and kids who think they hate chemistry!


All videos are available via the Periodic Video site and via Youtube. If you are not sure what video you are looking for, it is easier to browse the variety of videos through the Periodic Videos site.


Does the boiling point of water change on Mt. Everest? :

The chemistry of sunscreen:

Exploding hydrogen bubbles:


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